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Web development

Orko I.T. offers professional website design and development of your online business. The basic package includes the complete planning process, design proposals, material selection, proofreading, content design, and finally the creation and setting up of the website online. For specific information and offers, please contact us through the contact form, via email or telephone.

Custom design

Orko I.T. specializes in native, highly-optimized, unique, and custom-designed websites for your business. Depending on the style, character, and type of your business, our professional designers will create a complete story for page layout (ui), user experience (ux) and visual identity for your brand/company, tailored to all media (web, print) and marketing.

Social Networks

Today, social networks are the basis of digital identity, advertising, connecting with users, customers, and partners. In addition to the basic package (website design and development), we offer the creation and managing of the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), following the designed visual identity of the website and the perceived needs of your business.

Web hosting

Every website needs a web hosting service. We provide one together with the fast and reliable installation with the Windows Server 2016 operating system. It includes, amongst others, installing SSL certificates, configuring mail services, and domain administration. All of our sites are built in ASP .Net core technology that enables maximum speed and reliability.

Seo optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long and complex process, but crucial for the success of your site. This way, the site is content and technically-ready for further SEO work and analysis and adapted for social network publication. Prior to their release, our pages undergo rigorous reviews to eliminate possible difficulties and to ensure the best SEO ranking.

Photo & Video

For all clients from the city of Dubrovnik and its surroundings, we offer the possibility of professional photography to create the necessary web materials. We photograph everything from sales items, equipment, workplaces, to private accommodations and portraits, with the goal of delivering the best business presentation. In cooperation with another company, we also provide drone recording and video production to promote your brand/company.

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